Thomas Roelant, 15/04/1977

Master graduate painting, 2004, KASK, Ghent, Belgium.

​Teacher fine arts, since 2007, SASK Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.




1996 : Selected exhibition IPAAC silkscreen contest, Antwerp, Belgium.​

1997 : Workshop ‘Monotype with silkscreen’ Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg,

           ​South-Africa. ​(Visiting lecturer)

1999 : Group exhibition ‘AxionArt’, Passage 44, Brussels, Belgium.

           Workshop Artist Proof Studio ‘Silkscreen on textile’, Johannesburg, South-Africa​.​

           ​​(Visiting lecturer)

2000 : Demonstration monotype silkscreen, project Masereel Centre, Gordes, France.

2001 : Group exhibition, ‘Galerie 99’, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

           Laureate ‘Dirk Baksteen’ contest, group exhibition, Turnhout, Belgium.

           Individual exhibition together with 'Het Stenen Tijdperk', Norbert De Beule's

           Poetic review of 2001.​​​​ Museumtheatre, Ojc Kompas, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. ​

           ​Centre Fantast, Ghent, Belgium. ​​

2002 : Participation ‘Cultural exchange project at Artist Proof Studio’,

           ​Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Johannesburg, South-Africa.

2003 : Group exhibition 'Painting 2nd Masterdegree', KULAK, University Kortrijk​, Belgium.

           Selected ​, group exhibition , contest painting, Harelbeke​, Belgium.

           Individual exhibition ‘Galerie 99’, Sint-Niklaas​, Belgium.

2004 : Group exhibition, Blues for Nhlanhla, ‘Galerie 99’ (Sint-Niklaas),

           Masereel Centre (Kasterlee), Cultural centre De Warande (Turnhout)​, Belgium.

           Representative for the  ‘Exchange project 2002’ and the Vlaamse

           Gemeenschap at opening of the new Artist Proof Studio,

           Johannesburg, South-Africa.

           Research for individual concept, Shanghai, Dengfeng,​ ​China (4m).​

2005 : ​Visiting lecturer ‘Cultural exchange project at Artist Proof Studio’ in collaboration with

           ​the Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Johannesburg, South-Africa.

           Group exhibition, 'Flemish Artists', Nhlanhla Xaba Gallery, Artist Proof Studio, Bus Factory,

           and gallery 'Art on Paper', Johannesburg, South Africa. 

2006 : Research for individual concept,​ ​Shanghai and Songshan, China (6m).

2007 : Individual exhibition ‘Postart’, Hulst, Netherlands.

2008 : Group exhibition ‘Rots-Wol’, SKI, Ghent​, Belgium.

           Group exhibition ‘Fresh’​, ​Gorinchem, Netherlands.

           Individual exhibition project in collaboration with the 'City' and 'CC' Sint-Niklaas at SYNTRA,

           Sint-Niklaas​, Belgium.

           ​Group exhibition ‘ONE?’ ​​​Vierkante Zaal, SASK Sint-Niklaas​, Belgium.

           Research for individual concept : Excursie China (1m).​
​​​​​​​​​​​2009 : Visiting lecturer, Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg, South-Africa.

           Research for individual concept : Excursion Drakensgebergte, Lesotho (7d).

2010 : Research for individual concept, Wild Coast, South-Africa (1m).​

2011 : Visiting lecturer,in collaboration with ​​the Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Artist Proof Studio,

           Johannesburg, South-Africa.​

2012 : Individual exhibition 'Locus Solus', Antwerp​, Belgium.

           Group exhibition, 'Coming of Age' 21 years Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg Art Gallery,

           Johannesburg, South Africa. Public lecture by William Kentridge.

2013 : Individual exhibition 'Artplatform Zebrastraat', Ghent​, Belgium.

           Research for individual concept Shanghai, China (2m).

           Group exhibition ‘MIND THE GAP’ org. Art platform WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

           Group exhibition ‘FOCUS 4’ SASK, Vierkante Zaal, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

           Curator group exhibition ‘FOCUS 5’, Vierkante Zaal, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


2015 : Individual exhibition Gallery 'Andres Van Hove', Antwerp, Belgium.

           Individual exhibition 'Kasteel Blauwendael' Kunstkring Waas-Munster, Belgium.


2016 : Group exhibition '10 years 'Artist of the Month'', Art platform 'De Zebrastraat', Ghent, Belgium.